Privacy Policy

dataslist (“we”, “us”, “our”) This Privacy Policy explains what personal information dataslist companies collect, use, share and otherwise process about individuals (“you”) interacting with our Offerings (“Information”). Also, this Privacy Policy does not apply to Digital Services that are online services targeted at children.

The dataslist family is made up of a number of different legal entities and business units. In this Privacy Policy, the “Controller” of your Information means the company that decides the purposes for which it is processed and how it is processed. Which dataslist company is the Controller in relation to the processing of your Information will depend on which Offering you are using; it will often be the dataslist company responsible for providing that Offering, as may be set out in our terms and conditions.

In some circumstances, more than one Controller may be responsible for processing your Information, for example, where Information is shared with other dataslist companies for a purpose set out in this Privacy Policy. Please navigate to our Controller List for more details. If you still have questions about the relevant Controller, please contact us using one of the methods set out below.

Under the laws of some countries outside the European Economic Area, we may need your consent to our processing of your Information set forth in this Privacy Policy. Subject to any indications you may give us to the contrary, such as opting out or not opting in if asked, and where permitted by law, by providing Information or otherwise interacting with our Offerings, you consent to our use of Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.