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Everyone pays attention to their personal privacy, but in the Internet age, the news of privacy leakage often appears. One trick here is that if you no longer use a service, you should delete the account.
Your personal information will be deleted, so the risk of privacy being compromised will also be reduced. Here is the data about prompt internet login :

Prompt windows authentication login in web browsers ……
Feb 15, 2018

 · Select “Prompt for user name and password” under “Logon” for the Internet Explorer to prompt for getting the credentials from the user. Select “Automatic logon with current user name and password” for the Internet Explorer to automatically log on as the currently logged user Restart the Internet Explorer to apply the prompt settings.

Enabling or disabling web browser login prompts – Lansweeper…
Enable Prompt for user name and password to have Internet Explorer prompt for credentials. Enable Automatic logon with current user name and password to have Internet Explorer automatically log in as the currently logged on Windows user. Restart Internet Explorer.

AD FS prompt=login | Microsoft Docs…/ad-fs-promptlogin
Sep 20, 2021

 · The prompt=login capability (enabled by the PromptLoginBehavior property) is currently available only in the version 1.0 of the Azure AD Powershell module, in which the cmdlets have names that include “Msol”, such as Set-MsolDomainFederationSettings.

Prompt Internet Solutions – Web Design, Web Hosting, Web …
Prompt is a perfect solution in this scenario. Michigan Builder’s License is great example of one of our many relationships with clients in this situation. Over the span of 10+ years we have saved them tens of thousands of dollars developing websites, a powerful Learning Management System, E-Commerce solutions, and more.

The PROMPT Institute
Aug 25, 2021

 · The PROMPT Institute. Member Login. Welcome to the online community. Because of the built-in security features, you must first register and be approved before accessing many site sections. If you are not a member of the site yet, please register – we’d love you to be part of our online community.

Logon options must be configured to prompt (Internet zone).
Sep 30, 2013

 · Set the policy value for Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel -> Security Page -> Internet Zone -> "Logon options" to "Enabled", and select "Prompt for user name and password" from the drop-down box.

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