which is better rpg maker mv or mz

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RPG Maker MZ or MV? :: RPG Maker MZ General Discussions…
Sep 12, 2020

 · -MZ has much better performance by default than MV, also better codebase. The most important difference compared to MV, but not as obvious or shiny as some other features. -MZ has 4 map layers that can be manually edited, MV has 2 and you can’t edit them manually, the program does that automatically for you, which can cause problems.

What is the Best RPG Maker Version? 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace ……
Mar 03, 2021

 · Every RPG Maker version is the best, because in practice they’re all the same. If you ask which one has the better technology powering its games, then the answer is MZ. Differences such as the default battle system and other minor features should be ignored. No one uses the default stuff anyways.

How is MZ compared to MV? : RPGMaker – reddit…
So far, MZ seems to run better than MV generally. It seems to have less lag, and just run smoother. It has a few changes to how it plays. Visual Effects are done through particles instead of sprite sheets, so the visual effects can be much bigger and crazier. But you need a outside program to edit them.

MZ or MV or VX ACE ? Need your opinion – RPG Maker Forums…
Dec 07, 2020

 · (this is a cycle that repeats with every new RPG Maker.) This is why better RPG Maker games come out of the older version, instead of the latest. During MZ’s 5 year period. You will see great games coming out of MV. As developers work with the best, most mature version of current RPG Maker (which is MV) for the next few years. Hope this makes sense.

Which version of RPG Maker is best? – Rice Digital
May 07, 2021

 · RPG Maker MZ. The latest installment in the RPG Maker series at the time of writing, RPG Maker MZ feels like it is somewhat yet to prove itself — but then the same happened with MV back when it was first released. … RPG Maker MV also adds some nice quality of life features such as greater control over facial features in the character editor …

MV vs MZ : RPGMaker – reddit
Mz is a better choice if you both: can afford it and haven’t made a ton of progress in your mv project. It has a smaller selection of plug-ins but they are, in my opinion, higher quality. Presumably most new plug-ins will come out in mz.

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